You might be curious why the Earleys of Westmont acquired such an interest in the northernmost section of the People's Republic of China (PRC) -- this saga started quite unexpectedly this past August at a quiet lunch table at my work. For those of you who know me well, I'll surprise you and get right to the point: a biology student at our school moved from PRC wanted to house-share with a typical American family, and we had room at our home.

A local newspaper The Haddon Herald did a wonderfully refreshing story -- but it didn't make their web page. Anyhow... Dongmei Yu stayed with us almost a half-year, was married in our house to Weisheng Chen and moved with her husband to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Here's his web page at UM.

Fascinating ice sculpture... looks as big as a your average American dream home!

Can you remember when being cold was this much fun? I truly hope so!


This looks almost Seussian ...

dahoo doray, dahoo doray welcome Christmas, Christmas day

or perhaps green ice and ham ?-)

You want more already?